Achal Sinha

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Achal Sinha

Город:  Bangalore

Achal Sinha

Город:  Bangalore
Школа:  Aruna Chetana School for Spastic & Disabled Bangalore, Bangalore


Achal Sinha
Achal Sinha

Проживаю: 110030 New Delhi, India
Работа: Producer
Организации: Facebook, Linkedin
Образование:  Delhi University ()
Статус: Entrepreneur
Языки: English
Опыт работы:   (Producer)
Я ищу: to offer India as a wonderful location and opportunity to more clients from outside india in the area of filming, documentaries, television commercial production, still photography, post production, representation.
Я предлагаю: a wonderful wife and two lovely children. lovely friends whose continuous support has allowed me to test unchartered waters
Интересы: travelling.playing golf.watching football and formula-1 racing. the opportunity to work with new clients and adopt to different ways of working thereby bridging boundaries and forging new friendships

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